Thursday, March 4, 2010

Designer’s Cosmopolitan, Green Garden Party and Feather & Lace treats

Last year I came across the brilliant work of a young graphic designer. How I discovered her was another of those serendipities of life. An Australian design show called homeMade was screened last year. I followed the show and advised my students to watch the show.

During one show they mentioned a new type of floor surface. But I was interrupted and did not get the full details. The next day I did a web search and discovered the young graphic designer Lyndsay. She was following the show and writing about it in her blog.

The amazing thing was Lyndsay lives a few streets away. I did not discover this until another graphic designer I was working with on a Sample Board Online project mentioned Lyndsay. We were talking about design in general and then he said ‘I know Lyndsay Rosena she lives only a few streets away.’

Isn’t life amazing?

Lyndsay runs a company called It’s A Date Event Design. Besides offering brilliant graphic design she coordinates the decoration for the event with the stationary.

Look at the wonderful examples of her work.

The examples of Lyndsay's work published here were created for a wedding expo. I am sure many brides would have been delighted with her work. I know I am. I just love good design
I will be busy on a project tomorrow so I have posted my usual Friday blog post today.

‘Intelligent people are always open to new ideas’ 
Proverbs 18:15 

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