Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to quickly identify Oriental Rugs

Rugs are in fashion again and a popular interior decorating item. However people are sometimes confused about which Oriental rug is which.   
In this blog I will give a brief outline of each design with an illustration of the different rug design layouts and an example of each.

I have written an article calledWhich Oriental rug is which? Find out which Oriental rug is which and which rug would best suit your interior style’  

For those of you who may be visiting this blog from the article link I have created a interior decorating scheme on the Sample Board Online website. I have included this to give you an idea of what I mean about using rugs to work with a particular style of decor. Please see the example below

In the article I outline five different Oriental rug designs; Persian, Turkish, Turkoman, Caucasian and Chinese. I go into a bit more detail in the article.

How to recognise a Persian rug

Medallion in center

Curvilinear floral designs



Mostly wool
How to recognise a Turkish rug

Made from wool on wool

Or wool on cotton

Or silk on silk
Altar designs


Come in reds and greens

How to recognise a Caucasian rug

Geometric figures



Come in dark red colours

Turkoman rugs have rows of rectilinear octagons and come in a range of dark reddish browns.
How to recognise a Turkoman rug

Rows of rectangular octagons

Dark reddish brown colours

Chinese rugs are decorated with Chinese symbols, cloud bands, flowers, animals and birds. Simple classic circular medallions are usually placed in the center with a wide plain border.
How to recognise a Chinese rug

Circular medallion usually in center

Chinese symbols

Clouds bands




Thick luxurious feel

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