Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art Deco lives on in The Cloud

Art Deco style often had classical design and motifs as a starting point. The designs were then simplified or abstracted to create new innovative designs. French designers led the way until the US embraced the new style and made it their own.

The straight lines and geometric forms of Art Deco were often married to the emerging modern International Style. The US Art Deco then went on to influence many other countries around the world.

The Cloud
A set of furniture called ‘The Cloud’ was a classic Art Deco design created in 1929 and became popular in France and England. The original pieces were small scale parlor sets; chairs, sofas and love seats. 

The Cloud design was re-introduced by the Richam Corporation in New York in 1984. The living room suites are still made in the US in a wide range of leathers, fabrics and exotic timbers.    
Designers and decorators found the furniture suitable for commercial use in hotels, waiting rooms as well as for domestic use. They often use the cloud chair for group seating in lobbies. I just love the design. 
Gouda Pottery
Gouda Pottery has a magnificent range of Art Deco pottery produced in Holland (Netherlands). The ceramics were designed at Schoonhoven Pottery and other regions in the 1920’s. Potters like Henri Bredvelt created pottery in vivid colours.

Dutch Gouda Pottery and Delftware in Yorkshire has a website dedicated to this wonderful range of pottery. The site has loads of information, images and links and is well worth a visit
In Ireland when I was growing up dinner sets and other ceramics were often refered to as delf. When we arrived on holiday from England and an Aunty asked us to up the delf on the table we had no idea what she was talking about. I’m not sure if the term is still used today. When I finally get back to Ireland I must remember to check.

Link to Art Deco Quiz
Well this brings me to the end of a look into the Art Deco era. I have had a wonderful time rediscovering this brilliant style.  If you would like to test your knowledge just follow this link and try a fun Art Deco Quiz.

‘An idea is salvation by imagination’
Frank Lloyd Wright

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