Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aussie, New Zealand & South African Art Deco

As I have spent time looking at the Art Deco period I have had moments of memories flooding my mind. I remember the visits to the Art Deco style Broadway cinema in Belfast when I was a small child.This building was so different from the other luxurious cinemas we usually went to.

Besides the Art Deco fireplace and cabinets my Granny also had the stuffed curved chairs and sofa of the era. (Many’s a time as the Irish say) I was told off for sitting on the arms of the furniture. My Gran was always telling us to act like ladies.

We were not allowed to chew gum, cross one leg over the other at the knees, whistle or speak until spoken to. The same lady my Gran who enforced these restrictions completely changed character on a Saturday night when the whole family would sit around the fire. Each family member told a joke, sang a song or told a ghost story. Granny’s stories and jokes were usually the best.

Next morning Sunday Gran was back to her old self. She would call everyone to get up and go to church. ‘We are not a pack of heathens’ she would say. I smile as I remember her many similar statements. My Gran from her over stuffed bulky chair beside the fire ruled the roost. 

I am so enjoying looking at the Art Deco era I don’t quite know how to end. There is so much still to tell. But I feel I do need to move on. The short Art deco era produced many wonderful buildings and items so I thought I would try and finish the topic by looking at some examples of Art Deco work around the world.        
In Australia
Innisfail in Queensland is thought to be the Art Deco capital of Australia. The Chelsea Park guesthouse in the Southern Highlands just south of Sydney is an example of Art Deco in NSW. Many Art Deco buildings exist in Victoria many cinemas and theatres; Art Deco in style. If you follow this link you can find examples of cinemas and theatres (in Victoria) many in Art Deco style.

New Zealand
There are many Art Deco buildings in Hastings, Wellington and Palmerston North

South Africa
Durban has many Art Deco buildings. Prince Edward Street has some fine examples. The South Africa Art Deco style was influenced by the USA Art Deco style. If you go to this link you will find more information and virtual tour

 I will finish this blog now and complete the study of Art Deco in my next blog.

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