Friday, February 26, 2010

Natural wonders and the Alhambra

The switch from admiring man created design to the admiration of the natural world happen toward the end of the grand tour era. The pilgrims flocked to the spectacular cave on Antiparos Island and the Sea of Ice in the Alps.
When the camera spanned the magnificent formations in the cave I thought of a statement made by the great artist Cezanne; ‘I proceed to a logical development of what I see in nature’ I also thought of the brilliant interior spaces of the Alhambra Palace (Citadel) in Granada Spain. The palace was built in the 13 hundreds by the Moors.
You can find information and images of the Alhambra Palace at
You can hopefully see what I mean by the images in this blog.
The main feature of Moorish architecture is the horseshoe-shaped arch. Later the shaped changed to become slightly pointed at the top. This shape in turn developed into other forms such as the poly-lobed arch which is made up of a number of smaller arches. The detailed architecture and decoration reminds me of the cave on Antiparos.   

I must admit the Gothic architecture in the Victorian era is not too my taste. I prefer the classical styles. However I can appreciate some of the enchanting designs of the Victorian era.  

When Kevin mentioned William Turner I did wonder off. I just love Turners work. He certainly was ahead of his time. His wonderful misty atmospheric paintings did inspire many later artists.   
Well that’s the end of the grand tour some of you may be please. I would like it have continued. I did complain to my husband that the shows I like don’t last very long. If that’s all I have to complain about I had best not complain.

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