Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter white and summer heat

I often receive news and photographs from my UK relatives. As we swelter in 37 to over 40 degree Celsius heat they struggle with the snow, ice and cold. Just looking at some of the images of the winter wonderland makes me feel cooler.
 I must admit I would love to run and jump into the snow and make snow angels. The images bring back memories of snowy white Christmases in Germany. We arrived in Germany just before Christmas one year and I can still see the beautiful village with fairy lights twinkling on the snow. When Christmas shopping in the city I can still recall the smell of chocolate, coffee and ginger all mingled together.
The chocolate decorations hanging on the tree were a great temptation. My brother, sister and I would stick our wee fingers through the back of the decorations and treat ourselves to tiny pieces of chocolate. We were always found out.
When we arrived in Australia we missed white Christmases, pantomime and the chocolate Christmas decorations.
 I forget how cold the snow was and forget the short days and long winter nights. I also forget being snowed in and bored. I am grateful for what Aussie land has given us. However I would like to once more experience a white Christmas.       
I am only thinking about this because of the lovely photographs of the cool snow as I swelter in the Aussie summer heat. Everyone else I know has moved on from Christmas and embraced 2010. If I receive no more winter wonderland scenes I will happily move on too.  
Irish Joke
Bill: 'I just don't know what to do. I'm feeling rather homesick'
Ben: 'But you are at home'
Bill: 'I know, but I'm sick of it' 

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