Saturday, January 9, 2010

Designers find more time with Sample Board Online

To finish my first week of blogging I thought it would be a good idea to explain the Sample Board Online concept. I will also included a video in my next blog to show you how SBO works. Before I do that I thought it would be helpful to explain to those readers who may not be familiar with the terms exactly what we mean by sample boards and mood boards.

What is a ‘sample board’?
The first question some people may ask is what is a sample board? Sample boards are created by designers and presented to a client to give the general feeling of the overall interior design project. The board will have the design materials, furnishings and finishes proposed for the project. Actual design materials (samples) as well as room layouts are generally used in an effort to create the overall feel that will be achieved by the eventual design. Another term ‘story boards’ is used in design circles.

What is a ‘mood board’?
Some designers, decorators and architects create mood boards. They use these boards to convey the overall look and feel of a project, putting together images and objects which inspire creativity and innovation. Mood boards are also very useful at the early stages of a project as a guide tool to show to clients for approval before proceeding further. Sample Board Online provides a 'moods' tab in the SBO application. Here you will find various categories with mood images to help create a look and feel and sell your concept with more confidence.

What exactly is Sample Board Online?
Sample Board Online aka SBO presents a new and innovative way for all creatives to create and present your ideas and vision to your client by using our Online interactive sample board tool that enables you to organise samples, moods and backgrounds by the use of a drag a drop function.

As interior designers by trade we've struggled to find a tool that would help and assist us in a way this website is designed to do. It will eliminate those initial fears of not having the time to source new and funky products as well as guide you to present in a professional manner.

Designers often lack the time to do professional hot graph presentations. Most projects have become extremely cost driven. Our hope and dream is for designers to have more time in the actual design and presentation techniques of the job or project

No more driving around to endless suppliers looking for samples, no more out of stock items, no more technical information required to complete your budget or schedule.

Sample Board Online is the designers One Shop Stop
SBO could easy become a designer’s one stop shop where you as the designer can play and be creative whilst giving your client a relevant design with correct supplier information. The advantage of Sample Board Online:

No more time wasting driving around
More time for actual design
Eco friendly
Cost effective

Isn’t that just what creative people want? An online tool to enable you to play while you Work. Don’t be shy to send us feedback, constructive criticism, ideas or suppliers you want us to approach.

We want you to feel SBO is your site and we want all involved to make it an all round awesome experience for designers, decorators, architects and students.

Have a try and some FUN! At

‘Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.’ Helen Keller

Sample Board Online is FREE

Any one can join Sample Board Online™ and unleash their creative potential. All you have to do is create an account and you can immediately start designing.

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