Thursday, January 28, 2010

What People Want

Designers find out what people want. Some want fun, some want peace, some want perfection and some want control. Find out who wants what.

Over the years I have worked out my own little systems to help me understand and remember the different personalities. I have given the four main personality types a colour. To me red represents the choleric person dominant and active. Yellow represents the sunny personality of the sanguine. Blue reminds me of the deep thinking melancholy. Green represents to me of the laid back steady phlegmatic.

Choleric the achiever wants activity and control
I have also work out my own names for each personality style. The choleric is the achiever, extroverted and optimistic. The choleric is happy with control and activity. Their theme song could well be the Frank Sinatra song ‘I did it My Way’. They do have a tendency to think they have all the answers and in their eyes they are always right. It just as well it is estimate only three percent of the population are choleric.

Sanguine the talker wants to have fun
The sanguine person’s main objective in life is to have fun. The Cindy Lauper some ‘Girls just want to have Fun’ could be translated into ‘Sangs just want to have Fun’. To me the sanguine is the talker, extroverted and optimistic. It has been estimated twelve percent of the population are sanguine.

Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta believed homes should be portrait houses design should not merely reflect the owner’s life-style but be his portrait

The deep thinking melancholy wants perfection
Unfortunately the melancholy person wants to achieve perfection. They want to be perfect, they want everyone else to be perfect and they want the world to be perfect. With this motivating force no wonder they can feel depressed in this imperfect world. If they had a theme song I think it would be ‘Blue Moon’. The words of the song ‘blue moon you saw me standing alone...’ could well describe the melancholy person. They like to spend time alone. It has been said the melancholy takes a long time to find a partner because they are looking for someone perfect.  They are estimated to make up seventeen percent of the population.    

The easy going phlegmatic wants peace
The easy going phlegmatic wants peace. They too can be introverted and pessimistic. If they had a theme song it could well be ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’. The song continues ‘got no time to worry.. .’ They would like to live a relaxed life with no worries. About sixty eight percent of the population are estimated to be phlegmatic.    

I could go on discussing this fascinating topic. I had planned to finish the discussion today. However it I think it is better to continue the discussion in the next blog

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