Friday, January 15, 2010

Sample Board Online Welcomes Adicolor

What a dreadful thing to happen to Haiti they have enough problems without this earthquake. We sponsored a child called Joseph in Haiti for a number of years. When he was old enough we decided to support other work in other countries. We made this change because we knew the people involved in the work and we were happy to find most of the money we give finds it way to the people in need.

My husband heard the other day that some aid organisations are giving very little to those who need aid. Administration cost is enormous. But at least they do get some help.I hope Joseph and his family are OK. Some times all we can do besides give is pray.

Welcome Adicolor
Theodora Marcioni the director of Adicolor in Australia is available to answer any questions on her range of beautiful decorative finishes. The company also offers workshops on application techniques as well as on site consultation services. 
The first range we will look at is the Venyse decorative coating. The examples presented here are from that range. In this order DT01, DT02, DT21, DT05, DT07

Adicolor has over 40 years experience using over 2000 year old handed down traditional methods and the highest quality raw materials. Designed and manufactured in Italy and distributed to over 20 countries Adicolour has over 1000 colours available. Some finishes only need one coat.

There is a vast range of finishes available including the Desire range this is the most widely used designer finish. Vele is a siloxane based glaze with gold and silver reflects. Sogni Sk is a modern, elegant and translucent based finish that is durable and suitable for high traffic areas. Velie Velluti is highly refined water based decorative finish.

Venyse has a look similar to classic Venetian plaster. Old Fashion an exclusive finish designed to replicate the attractive effects of true old world charm and Travertinus is the reborn ancient Roman travertine marble range.

Adicolor is Environmentally Friendly
·         Low VOV
·         Non toxic
·         Water soluble
·         Virtually odorless

The wonderful benefits of Adicolor products make them very environmentally friendly. The products have a Sincert eco certification and are individually labeled with VOV content on packaging. Adicolor products are available Australia wide.

“Content comes first... yet excellent design can catch people's eyes and impress the contents on their memory.” Hideki Nakajima.

Before I go I can't wait to show one of my favorite Adicolor finishes Luxury Silver. It is from the Design range not from the Vensye range. I think it is just brilliant and I am sure would work well with contemporary design. You can see why it is one of the most popular finishes. What do you think? 

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