Monday, January 25, 2010

Designers take time with those with a melancholic mind

The gentle sensitive person with melancholy traits can be genius prone. Many great artists have been people with a melancholy temperament. The troubled artist Vincent Van Gogh is an example of a person with melancholy traits.  

They have perfectionist tendencies. If you want something done perfectly; just call on the person with melancholy traits. They are very task orientated, take in every detail and aim for accuracy. The melancholic type person tends to be orderly organised and able to find creative solutions.

Some melancholy traits:
·         Detailed
·         Organised
·         Creative
·         Perfectionists
·         Careful
·         Cautious
·         Competent

The melancholy person tends to be more interested in getting the job done that wasting time talking. Being deep thinkers they take their time before making decisions. However they can take so long to think things through they can find it hard to come to a decision or finish a job.

Some keys to recognising melancholy at first glance
·         Serious
·         Often appear shy
·         Can listen without looking at the person speaking
·         Can have a far away look
·         Usually dress in understated way
·         Speaks quietly 

Treat the gentle, easily offended melancholy person with care. They hate to think someone maybe laughing at them. They do not like confusion or noise. They usually hate trivial pursuits and do not like to jollied along.

Working with someone with melancholy traits
·         Be accurate
·         Be detailed
·         Take time
·         Be honest
·         Have a quiet air
·         Explain things clearly
·         Be prepared for questions
·         Conduct interviews with this client in a private place
·         Make sure you will not be interrupted
·         Give detail reasons for your selections
·         Be reassuring
·         Gentle
·         They like graphs and schedules

It can take time to earn the trust of a person with a melancholy personality. They can be suspicious and negative. They tend to sit back and view the world. They don’t smile a lot so it is often difficult to know when they are happy or pleased with your suggestions. They tend to see all the problems in situations. They want every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.

Melancholy people and sanguine are opposites
The melancholy person can think the sanguine is too noisy, laughs too much and is reckless. The sanguine can be impatient with the melancholy person because they take so long to make a decision. They also don’t laugh enough. They are just too serious and in the opinion of the sanguine need to lighten up. This insensitivity can be very hurtful to the melancholy person.

Melancholy can have secondary choleric traits
A melancholy person with some choleric traits can be strong willed and decisive. The melancholy person with some phlegmatic traits can be stubborn and may need help making decisions.

Melancholy people can have phlegmatic traits
As I said at the beginning of the discussion on personality styles this is a very simplified outline of a complex subject. I have found it helpful to have a least some understanding of the subject. I don’t always consciously analyse everyone I meet. However I have used my understanding of the personality styles to help me when I find things are not going to well.

Hair dresser with choleric flare
Last week I went to have my hair cut. I have been going to the same hairdresser for years. I know the owner of the salon. My hair dresser and the owner are friendly easy going phlegmatic people. During this visit the owner was having a day off. A new hairdresser very promptly left her client and asked me abruptly did I have an appointment. I wasn’t too happy with her attitude. She made no eye contact and did not smile. 

With my back up and feeling annoyed I sat down to wait and watched this new lady. I realised she had a lot of choleric traits. As she was cutting her client’s hair she moved quickly. At the same time she would look around her keeping an eye on the reception desk and was always the first one to answer the telephone. I realised she was not intending to be rude she was just being her task orientated efficient self. So I let her off the hook. Just

It was interesting to observe the different atmosphere created by a strong personality. I had always been welcomed at the salon in the past and enjoyed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Every personality type has both negative and positive traits. I have many sanguine traits and have worked on overcoming my many negative traits. I am still trying I have found it is an ongoing challenge; a life time job. But I am enjoying the journey.

What colour?
Oh I nearly forgot and I am sure you just can't wait to know if the melancholy person was a colour what colour would they be? Blue of course. 

Next time the laidback easy going phlegmatic personality will be under the microscope.      

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