Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sample Board Online Interior Designers One Shop Stop

Sample Board Online is free for all interior designers, interior decorators, architects, building designers, students and the DIY designer. This great online tool is easy to use, cost effective, eco friendly and great fun.

Many users will be able to use Sample Board Online without instruction. However there may be some who (like me with anything technical)would welcome a wee bit of instruction. Those of us who grew up before computers, mobile phones, websites, and emails often need a little encouragement. Having said that however I was able to work out the SBO system easily so I am sure you could even without this guidance.

How to use Sample Board Online
The first thing to do is register by going to ‘Create Account’. When you have registered you will find a link on the upper right hand side called ‘My Profile’. When you go to ‘My Profile’ you will see the link ‘New Board’ under ‘My Profile’

‘My Profile’

If you click on ‘New Board’ a page will come up.

New Board page contains:

• Categories (for example Barstool, tables….) Use red arrow to view
• Suppliers (for example Cairns Marble…) Use red arrow to view
• Types (for example flooring…..) Use red arrow to view
• Moods (for example bathroom…) Use red arrow to view

Under the tabs there is a window where the items selected can be viewed. On the left is a blank canvas with the instruction ‘Drag item here’

Drag items here blank canvas

You can create a sample board by:

• Firstly select a category, supplier, type or mood (for example table lamps)

• A number of thumbnail images of lamps will appear

• Click on one of the images

• To obtain information about the lamp double click on the image

• Product specifications will then appear

• To close this tab just go to close

• You can then drag the image onto the blank canvas to the left

• The size of the image can be increased or decreased by using lower right hand corner of the image with the red arrow

• To remove the lamp from the canvas go to the ‘remove’ icon below the canvas

Follow the above procedure to select all the items for your creation.

The items selected can be placed in front or behind other items by using the ‘to back’ and ‘to front’ green arrows below the canvas on the right hand side.

You can also use the ‘clone’ icon to copy an item.

When you are satisfied with your sample board you can save it by going to ‘save’. You will then be asked to name the board then just click OK. To view the board you go to ‘My Profile’. If you click on the board you will see a larger board displayed.

Above the board are three icons. You can choose to ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Print to PDF’. If you choose to edit it will take you back to the canvas were you can make changes to your board. If you go to the ‘Print to PDF’ a file of your sample board with images and the details of each product you have selected will be created. All you need to do now is save the file. How great is that?

Sample Board Online Provides

• Sample board
• PDF File
• Images of each product selected
• Details on each product

The sample board you have created becomes a specification sheet

If you want to delete your creation just go to the delete button. If you want to have more fun or need to create another board for a client just go to the ‘New Board’ link and start all over again.
It’s that simple

Your sample boards will be saved in your ‘My Profile’ file for you to view and use at anytime.

Sample Board Online can really become your one stop shop.

We invite you to have a try by going to Designers we want to have all the products you desire ready for your use. Please let us know about your favorite suppliers so we can invite them on board.

‘Design Is the Conscious effort To impose A Meaningful Order’ Victor Papanek

In the Next Blog
I will explain how to upload your own items. Nearly forgot to tell you of this fabulous feature


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