Monday, January 18, 2010

Interstudio promotes emerging Scandinavian and Australian designers

Sample Board Online Welcomes Interstudio 

Interstudio has an extensive range of contemporary products. They offer solutions for residential and corporate design. They aim to promote emerging Scandinavian and Australian designers. The company has a culture of change and constantly updates their range with new lines, materials and innovative designs. They also provide customised furniture and joinery solutions.

Sample Board Online has a limited number of Interstudio products available in the product library. The tables in the image above were designed By Paul Leroy. His contemporary designs inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. Keith Melbourne a young designer with an engineering background (red Chair below) "Playing with the intersection of simple geometric forms I was able to develop a chair with more complex and sophisticated lines, which is also very comfortable and requires only simple fabrication processes for manufacture".

Many Interstudio products have Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd (GECA) certification

The Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd certificate was developed and instituted by the Australian Environmental Labeling Standards. Products are judged against these standards to see if they can be given the ecolable. Manufacturers are encouraged to produce environmentally friendly products. Customers can be alerted to a products eco friendly status by the ecolable certification. More information can be found at the GECA website.

‘Design changes in response to market forces’
Anne Massey

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