Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Dive Into Blogging

This is my first act toward achieving one of my New Year resolutions for 2010. The goal is to overcome my fear of blogging. So here goes my first dive into blogging. I know the fear is irrational, what am I afraid of? Not knowing what to write? or how to write? Maybe I will post something which later on could be embarrassing. Maybe what I write will be of no interest to others. On the other hand I do like to talk and I absolutely love to encourage others. If I stay positive what can go wrong?

There is also ulterior motive to writing this blog; to promote Sample Board Online. I think it only honest to state my main purpose up front. However I do intend to offer information and details on products I have found. I also intend to give insights and the results of research I have conducted and gems of wisdom I have encountered along the way.

I work as an interior design tutor and consultant. I find the challenge of tutoring and staying up to date with the design world wonderfully invigorating. It can sometimes be overwhelming making the Sample Board Online concept a helpful tool to overcome this. This blog will also be used as a means to do just that.

During the past year I have spent time researching and writing interior design tutorials. When I was writing about how to present design ideas I encouraged the students to create electronic sample boards. It was with great delight I discovered Sample Board Online (SBO).SBO is an online design tool linking designers to suppliers. Interior designers, decorators and architects can register online. Then they can free of charge create sample boards using products from the SBO library. The users can then save the sample board and send this to clients.

In future posts I will be introducing some of the suppliers featured on the Sample Board Online website. We aim to provide suppliers of quality interior design products with a platform to promote their products and to provide designers with a quick, easy, eco friendly and cost effective design tool.

I am looking for suppliers for the Australian market and we invite designers to visit the website www.sampleboardonline.com have a play then tell us what you think. Ros the owner of Sample Board Online wants designers to think of SBO as their site and to tell us what they want.

I recently read ‘A single conversation with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books’. I like this old Chinese proverb even though reading is one of my favorite pass times. I think blogging, emailing and twitting; the new way to converse. I have been fortunate to have encountered a number of wise, generous and courageous people during my life. In the short time I have been following blogs and twits I have found this to be so. As my Irish father would say ‘It sure looks good’

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  1. Well done Rosena! You will enjoy blogging, looking forward to hearing your pearls of wisdom!